Why Join?

Commission - 35% Revenue Share

A flat 35% of net revenue will be applied to your total net revenue for the preceding calendar month. It will not be applied incrementally. Please contact the BetEasy Affiliate team if you wish to discuss alternative CPA (cost per acquisition) or Turnover plans.

Established Brand & Australian Owned

Simply visit our Join Now page and complete the form with all of your details. Once you are approved you will receive a welcome email with login details to the BetEasy Affiliates site so you can start promoting BetEasy and start earning commission.

Customer Retention & Service

BetEasy’s friendly and hardworking customer support team ensure that your referred customers are happy and keep betting with us to ensure you are maximising your profits with us. Our customer support staff are well trained, friendly and professional which keeps our customer happy and betting, which will make the most out of your targeted advertising campaigns.

Betting Exposure Report

The Exposure Report provides a live feed of all pending and resulted bets from an affiliates referred customers. Our affiliates will find this information useful if they wish to minimise their exposure on any particular bet(s) and/or simply would like to analyse what bets their referred customers are placing to better improve their own marketing efforts.

Prompt Payments

All affiliates of BetEasy enjoy monthly payments on or before the 15th of each month for the previous month’s activity. We provide a range of payment solutions including Bank Transfers, PayPal, Moneybookers or BetEasy Customer Account.